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Bulgarian Butt Chafe

Dreamy Monday mornings.

A lil' slice of heaven from my teenage years.

Buns of Butter!

Such a nice boy he is.

A reason to go to D.C.

Really cool video

Wacky time waster

You can take the rockstar out of the kitchen....but you can't take the kitchen out of the rockstar.

I want a wacked out couch.

Spend HOURS not doing any work.

Scooter love

Flash Fun

Hail Mary, full of glitter.

Cool little films. Check out the Aquarius Records films.

Mmm Mmm Good.

If Martha Stewart was born in the 70s...

Calling all baby dykes, calling all baby dykes.

Okay smartypants...Put it on a sticker.

Mr. Lady Records

K Records

kill rock stars

Merge Records

Kindercore Records

Matador Records

Chainsaw Records



All Music (a place to do music research)

The Amazing Lynda Barry

Do You Make Mixed Tapes?

Bitch Magazine